The US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia commissioned Echelman to create a permanent site-specific sculpture for their communal meeting space.

Echelman and her team created Possible Futures of a Line, Traveling Through Space and Time, an immersive environment which invites visitors into its soft folds and ethereal masses as it transforms with colored light. The installation challenges the viewer to imagine the 3-dimensional volumetric forms embedded within the knotted lines of colored fiber suspended before their eyes.

The work is created with a combination of hand-knotting and industrial looming of the custom-braided twines and its title Possible Futures of a Line, Traveling Through Space and Time reveals the idea that measurements of time are not always linear. Echelman imbues the trajectory of each line with a narrative history, and thrusts the viewer into the center.


Custom-braided colored fiber, knotted into netting
Dimensions: 20 ft. length x 18 ft. width x 16 ft. depth


Art: Janet Echelman
Studio Echelman Team: Melissa Henry, Jamie Li, Lillian Rodriguez, Daniel Zeese
Simulation Software Engineering: Autodesk
Photography: US Department of State


US Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia